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Kavaldjievi villas are situated in the village of Rashevite, just three kilometers away from Tryavna. The villas are two and both of them can accomodate 18 people. Triavna is a picturesque town situated in the middle part of The Balkan Mountain in the central region of Bulgaria. Range 435 meters above the sea level. The climate is soft. The summer is pleasant and cool and the winter is not very cold, which combined with the old architecture of the town, provide wonderful and unique atmosphere for winter Triavna.

Every year tourists are visiting Triavna during all of the seasons. Every season has its own charm and the typical beauty - the bright freshness of the just wakened nature during the spring is gradually playing in the calm and tender green warmth of the summer, and is slowly maturing in the golden - red garments of the fall, which is than stepping back for ethereal transparency and whiteness of the snowy mountain winter.

All this natural magnificence is waiting for you to enjoy it, far from the noise and pressure of the big city - a real revelation for you r spirit and soul.

Numerous historical - cultural and natural sightseeing and will make your stay in the site a real feast. The surroundings of Triavna, the breech and pine forests, the wide green meadows around the village are a great site for tourism, outings and walks, herbs and mushroom gathering, or just a rest in the shadows of the trees during the hot summer days.

Natural Park “Balgarka” is in close proximity to the village - the tourists who love the mountain will definitely have the chance to visit this unique site. The lovers of fishingcan practise their intersting hobby in Tryavna lake, near the town ( 1 kilometer from thecenter of the town) and in the rivers in the area. Another sport to be enjoyed is biking - there are numerous roads appropriate for excursions and trips with your bike towards little villages in the mountain, offering old-style architecture and splendid natural sights!

The town of Triavna has preserved its monuments of the Bulgarian national revival, museums, churches and art galleries, which are showing the eternal values of the unique iconography and carving Triavna school, that have always attracted tourists from all over the world.The significance of Tryavna cultural and historical heritage is underlined once again by the fact , that our town is included as number twenty one(21) in the list of The One Hundred National Tourist Objects of Bulgaria.

The most important architectural monuments are The Triavna School (one of the oldest in Bulgaria), The clock tower, the hunchbacked stone bridge, which is in unique architectural style for the country, the house of Petko Slaveikov, which is also the birth place of Pencho Slaveikov, the birth house of Angel Kanchev, Daskalova house, Raikova house, the museum of the Triavna icon- painting school and many other interesting tourism sites. Other tourism sites out of Triavna that can be reached by car are the Open-air Ethnographic Museum in Gabrovo, architectural reserve- Bojentsi village, Drianovski monastery, Sokolski monastery, Veliko Tarnovo (45 km), Shipka passage, architectural reserve- Arbanasi and etc.

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